IngressFS – February 2016 Results

2,342 Agents from 71 cities in 28 countries earned 263 million AP, gained 337 levels and walked 7,418 km during February’s First Saturday events around the world.

Charity Contributions

This month, many cities supported their local charities in their own ways:

Melbourne, Australia

“This month we held a raffle to support the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal where we managed to raise $320 to donate on behalf of the Ingress Victoria xfac community!”

Calgary, Canada

We raised money for the Heart & Stroke Foundation and the local Salvation Army. $70 in total was raised with $35 going to each.”

Cardiff, UK

“We donated a full trolley full of items for the local homeless charity”

Sacramento, CA, USA

“Our event benefited Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services. Agents donated enough canned food to fill one entire donation barrel.”

San Jose, USA

“The Enlightened donated hoodies and socks to a local homeless shelter.65+ hoodies, socks and scarves were donated.”


This month, Bologna, Italy earned the most AP with 33.7 million AP, more than double Sacramento, CA, USA in second place. Izhevsk, Russia had the most levels gained with 21.

AP Earned

The hardest working city was Merida, Mexico where the 10 agents there earned an average of 289,410 AP each. Bologna, Italy had the biggest event with an amazing 248 agents attending!


Bologna also clocked up the most km walked this month measuring up 882 km. The 40 agents in Pilsen, Czech Republic walked an average of almost 10km each!

Km Walked

The scorecards for each of the 71 participating cities can be found below to be shared with your community.

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Registrations are now open for March FS events, make sure your city is registered on time!