IngressFS – February 2018 Results

621 Agents from 39 cities in 12 countries earned 76 million AP, gained 47 levels and walked 1,907 km during February’s First Saturday events around the world.

This month, the Enlightened had the most AP earned (+1.0m), most AP per agent (+13.2k) and most KM per agent (+0.14). The Resistance had the most agents (+25), most levels gained (+1) and most KM walked (+33).

Tampa, Florida, USA was the top city this month with 6 levels gained but Sao Paulo, Brazil earned the most AP with over 10 million AP earned.

Sydney, Australia had the highest AP per agent with an average of 238,352 AP earned between the 10 agents. The biggest event was in Sao Paulo with 54 agents attending.

The furthest combined distance walked this month was in Oslo, Norway where the 30 agents attending walked a combined 171 km. The furthest average distance was in Pouso Alegre, Brazil where the 11 agents there walked an average of 6.36 km.

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