IngressFS – March 2016 Results

2,286 Agents from 70 cities in 25 countries earned 240 million AP, gained 295 levels, and walked 7,404 km during March’s First Saturday events around the world.

Charity Contributions

El Cajon, USA

‘We raised $880 in a silent auction, bake sale, and raffle for”

Twin Cities, MN USA

“Ingress Twin Cities collected monetary and in-kind donations for the Sojourner Project, an organization that provides support for women and children victims of domestic abuse. A total of $380 in cash and an estimated value of over $600 in in-kind donations were collected at the event including blankets, personal items, clothing, and 18 used cellular phones.”

Victoria, Canada

“We challenged our agents to bring nonperishable food to donate to the Mustard Seed, a local food bank – all attendees donated!! We collected about 50 cans.”

Pascagoula, USA

“We donated over 70 boxes of girl scout cookies to Operation Cookie Care Package, that provides girl scout cookie care packages to veterans recovering in VA facilities.”

Calgary, Canada

“We raised $110.55 total with half going to the Cancer Research Institute and the Canadian Mental Health Association Alberta Division each.”

Isahaya, Japan

“We will donate the remaining of our reserve fund, which was collected from event staffs at the start-up of event preparation, to the afforestation project of Isahaya city.”

Koriyama, Japan

“We will send donations to Taiwan large earthquake.”

New Agent Statistics

There were 41 tadpoles (new Enl agents) and 32 smurflings (new Res agents) attending IngressFS events this month. Isahaya, Pretoria and Sao Paulo had 5 new agents each.

The day saw 7 agents reach level 16, bringing the percentage of attending agents at the top level to 13.25% by the end of the day. 3.53% of starting agents were new players (L3 and below).

The top agent this month was Resistance Agent KingofRedLyons from Clarksburg, USA who managed to go from level 1 to 8


In overall numbers, El Cajon, USA was the top city this month with 16 levels gained and Lille, France had the most AP of 18.4 million.

Top Cities

Agents in Malang, Indonesia, worked the hardest earning an average of 222,842 AP amongst the 34 agents. The biggest city for the month was Jimbocho, Japan where 133 agents attended.


Jimbocho, Japan also managed to walk the the furthest distance of 536km. The 13 agents in Grodno, Belarus walked an average of 6.46km.

Km Walked

City Scorecards

The scorecards for each of the 70 participating cities can be found below to be shared with your community

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