IngressFS – March 2018 Results

699 Agents from 36 cities in 18 countries earned 90 million AP, gained 62 levels and walked 2,406 km during March’s First Saturday events around the world.

This month, the Enlightened had the most AP per agent (+6.2k) and most KM per agent (+0.10). The Resistance had the most agents (+37), most levels gained (+6), most AP earned (+2.6m) and most KM walked (+92).

The top city this month was Sao Paulo, Brazil with 11 levels gained and almost 9 million AP earned. Lille, France had the most AP earned this month of almost 13 million.

The cities with the highest average AP per agent was Ufa, Russia very closely followed by Ilhéus, Brazil where the agents earned almost 254,000 AP each.

The city with the furthest total distance walked this month was Zürich, Switzerland walking a total of 334 km. The furthest average distance walked was Guadalajara, Mexico where the 14 agents there walked an average of 5.14 km.

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