IngressFS – April 2016 Results

1,366 Agents from 48 cities in 21 countries earned 138 million AP, gained 209 levels and walked 3,817 km during April’s First Saturday events around the world.

This month, there were less cities than usual due to the Obsidian Finale falling on the same day but that didn’t stop these 48 cities from putting together an amazing day.

Charity Contributions

Cardiff, UK – “We donated to a charity called Coffee4Craig (C4C). They support vulnerable people to allow them to move on, feel accepted and have a voice. Coffee4Craig help many homeless people, many that have mental health illnesses.”

Townsville, Australia – $35 raised for Delta Dogs Townsville

Calgary, Canada – $25 donated to the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank and Opening Gaits.

Santiago, Chile – Raised CLP 25500 for the Quilicura’s Fire Brigade.

Yakima, USA – $210 worth of donations for the Yakima Humane Society.

Chicago-Lincoln Park, USA – $150 to Lincoln Park Zoo and $50 to Feed My Starving Children

Stayton, USA – Donated 60 pounds of food to the local food bank.

Louisville, USA – Collected one box of non-perishable items for Dare to Care.

New Agents

There were 6 new agents in Gifu, Japan and Townsville, Australia each with 13 and 12 levels earned respectively. Additional, there were 77 new agents starting below level 4 among 29 cities.

New Agents (starting below L4)

By the end of the day, 14 agents made it to level 8 and 10 agents reached level 16.

level gain

Resistance agent callmicookie from Brisbane, Australia gained 5 levels and Resistance agent loskin from Bryansk, Russia gained 4 levels although their trekker counts seems to suggest they changed faction shortly before First Saturday. Agent pakupakupagu from Gifu, Japan was the top new agent on the day gaining 3 levels and 249,188 AP.


The Enlightened outnumbered the Resistance by 46 agents, earned 23 more levels and 3,347 more AP per agent. Both factions walked an average of 2.79km per agent.

01 - Global Score

The top event this month was in Gifu, Japan where there was 27 levels gained and 17 million AP earned.

Top Cities

The most efficient city was Sydney, Australia where the 26 agents there earned an average of 210,281 AP each


The city that walked the furthest distance was Akashi, Japan which measured 703 km walked. The 11 agents in Guatemala walked an average 6.09 km each.

Km Walked

The scorecards for each of the 48 participating cities can be found below to be shared with your community.

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