IngressFS – April 2017 Results

1,383 Agents from 51 cities in 26 countries earned 170 million AP, gained 132 levels and walked 5,132 km during April’s First Saturday events around the world.

This month, the Enlightened had the most levels gained (+26), most AP earned (+8.7m) and most AP per agent (+13.1k). The Resistance had the most agents (+3), most KM walked (+204) and most KM per agent (+0.28).

The top city for April was Minneapolis, United States where there was 15 levels gained and 20.6 million AP earned.

Minneapolis also had the biggest event this month where 137 agents attended! The highest AP per agent was scored in Pleasant Hill, United States where the 7 agents there earned an average of 394k AP each.

Agents in Minneapolis also walked the furthest combined distance of 466 km and agents in Pleasant Hill also walked the furthest average distance of 7 km each.

The scorecards for each of the participating cities can be found below to be shared with your community.

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