IngressFS – June 2016 Results

2,388 Agents from 73 cities in 27 countries earned 343 million AP, gained 380 levels and walked 7,354 km during June’s First Saturday events around the world.

Charity Contributions

Chico, United States – “Raised $407.05  for Catalyst, which will be matched by Geico. Total $814.10”

Detroit, MI, United States – “Agents were encouraged to bring supplies to benefit the HOPE clinic of Ypsilanti. We collected approximately 80 non-perishable food items and nearly 50 household cleaning supplies and personal hygiene items.”

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – “Arrecadamos alimentos para o Abrigo Minha Casa. Conseguimos recolher 35kg de alimentos não perecíveis que foram doados” [We collected food for My Shelter. We managed to collect 35 kg of non-perishable foods that have been donated”

Boston, United States – “We collected book donations for the local library where we met.”

Calgary, Canada – “We raised money for the Calgary Food Bank. They continue to help those affected by the Fort McMurray fires.”

Kent, United States – “We successfully brought awareness to the Greater Kent Historical Museum to residents and visitors alike and participated in a friendly community activity while enjoying a wonderfully sunny day.”

New Agents

There were 75 new agents introduced to the game this month during FS events. Nagoya, Japan had the most with 10 new agents earning 4.5 million AP.

New Agents (starting below L4)

The top agent this month was hirokey76724 from Nagoya, Japan who started at level one and made it to level 7

Recently, there appears to be a large increase in the number of level 16 agents in recent months. In March, 13% of attendants finished as level 15 while this month, it’s increased to 17% of agents.



The Enlightened outnumbered the Resistance by 30 agents, earned 8 more levels, 15 million more AP and walked 80km further.

01 - Global Score

The top city this month is Nagoya, Japan, winning in every category with an astounding 100 levels gained and 76 million AP.

Top Cities

Nagoya’s success this month can be attributed to their amazing agent turnout with 262 agents attending the event there.


The furthest average distance walked this month was Aarhus, Denmark with the 20 agents there walking an average of 6km.

Km Walked

The scorecards for each of the participating cities can be found below to be shared with your community.

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