IngressFS – July 2015 Results

32 cities submitted their July IngressFS event results to us for analysis with 992 agent’s scores tallied. Over 124 million AP was earned and 199 level ups recorded. The Enlightened’s strongest city for July was Quebec, Canada with 72% of the AP. The Resistance’s strongest city was San Pedro, Costa Rica with 67% of the AP.


Piestany, Slovakia earned the highest AP per Agent per Hour with 130,813.



26 cities submitted their distances walked totalling 2923 km with Düsseldorf, Germany walking the furthest at 389 km.


The weekend saw 15 brand new agents. There was 9 new L8+ agents and 7 new L16 agents. 1 Agent gained 4 levels, 4 agents gained 3 levels, 18 agents gained 2 levels and 136 agents gained 1 level.


Fev Games is helping out and taking care of IngressFS for August as there was no official word on sign ups for the month. Check out the list of all registered events here.