IngressFS – July 2016 Results

1,378 Agents from 55 cities in 22 countries earned 153 million AP, gained 184 levels and walked 4,468 km during July’s First Saturday events around the world.

With the 4th of July celebrations in USA so close to this month’s FS, there was a noticeable drop in the number of events.

This month, the Resistance had 90 more agents and 20 more level ups compared to the Enlightened, while Enlightened earned a relatively small margin of 228,761 AP.

96 - Global Score

The top city Sint-Truiden, Belgium with over 10 million AP and 11 levels gained.

Top Cities

The most efficient city this month was Cardiff, United Kingdom where the 16 agents there earned an average of 213,983 AP each.

The biggest event was Plano, TX, United States with 76 participants.


Agents in Strzegom, Poland walked the furthest collective distance measuring up 306 km walked.

The 10 agents in Hamburg, Germany walked the furthest average distance of 8.8km.

Km Walked

The scorecards for each of the participating cities can be found below to be shared with your community.

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