IngressFS – July 2018 Results, with Bonus Anomaly Update

524 Agents from 30 cities in 13 countries earned 73 million AP, gained 76 levels and walked 1,887 km during July’s First Saturday events around the world.

This month, the Enlightened had the most levels gained (+22), most AP earned (+1.8m), most AP per agent (+11.0k) and most KM per agent (+0.01). The Resistance had the most agents (+8) and most KM walked (+25).

The top cities this month were Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine and Montes Claros, Brazil with 8 levels earned each.

The 18 agents in Cardiff, UK gained the highest average AP, 242,344.

The furthest distance walked was in Ghent, Belgium, measuring an impressive 229 km.

August 2018 IngressFS events can be found at

The first round of Cassandra Prime events are around the corner!

There will be a pair of cities in each region running in sync.

Each event will have 3 phases with various measurements:

Phase 1: Portal Control – 4 x 2 minute measurements, 13 minutes apart

28 minute break

Phase 2: Shards – 13 x 1 minute jump windows, 4 minutes apart

29 minute break before targets appear

Phase 3: Link Starbursts – 2 x 2 minute measurement windows, 28 minutes apart

A full run down on the rules can be found on the Ingress Investigate site.