#IngressFS – August 2015 Results

Fev Games are proud to be helping out with the August First Saturday which saw 2,779 agents participate in 90 cities around the world, earning almost 305 million AP and walk 7,644 km.

92 - Total

Congratulations to Beijing and Gomel for gaining 25 levels each! There were 472 levels gained around the world with 262 for the Enlightened and 210 for the Resistance.

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The AP per agent per hour score aims to give all cities an even measure to be scored against no matter how long their event was or how many agents they had. The top city in this category was Sevastopol, Russia with an average of 230,143 AP between the 4 agents that participated there.

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74 cities recorded the distance that was walked during their events with the Enlightened clocking up 3,955 km and the Resistance 3,689 km. The top city was Twin Cities with 486 km walked. Baton Rouge, USA earned the highest average km per agent with 9.47 km.

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The weekend saw 33 brand new agents. There was 29 new L8+ agents and 9 new L16 agents. 2 Agents gained 4 levels, 10 agents gained 3 levels, 49 agents gained 2 levels and 295 agents gained 1 level. Having trouble seeing the above graphs? You may view them on Google+ here.

Well done to all the agents around the world for coming together to participate in the IngressFS events.

We’ve compiled scorecards for each city’s results so you can share your hard work with your community. They can also be found on Google+ here.

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