#IngressFS – October 2015 Results

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3,492 Agents from 95 cities in 34 countries earned 447 million AP, gained 679 levels and walked 10,527 km during October’s First Saturday events around the world.

Osaka-shi, Japan came in first place in the most levels gained with 55 and the most AP earned with 32.5  million AP. In a close second place in AP earned is Hsinchu, Taiwan with 30.8 million AP.

City Scores

Although Osaka-shi had the biggest event this month with 283 agents, they only ranked 47th in the average AP per agent category. Perugia, Italy topped the tally this month with 56 agents earning an average of 273,299 AP


Osaka-shi also managed to walk the furthest distance clocking up 1,173 km although agents in Volgograd, Russia had the highest average km per agent with 8.08 km


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Individual Agents

Attendance numbers for October were quite similar to September with only a few less agents this month. There were 9 brand new agents starting with 0 AP and 33 agents reached level 8. Agent nomuryu from Yamaguchi, Japan was the only person to gain 5 levels this month; there was also 5 agents gaining 4 levels, 21 agents gaining 3 levels, 47 agents gaining 2 levels and 428 agents gaining 1 level.


Level gain

Agent lauralynnb from Minneapolis, MN, USA walked the furthest distance this month walking 16km while 17 agents in total walked 10km or more.

top walked

The most AP earned this month was by Agent Togn3k from Perugia, Italy earning 941,138 ap

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