IngressFS – October 2016 Results

Can you find all 10 passcodes?GTAPFVYUBO;BG5O7URA2Z;D8ZY5AWYAL; 1,236 Agents from 51 cities in 25 countries earned 143 million AP, gained 153 levels and walked 4,759 km during October’s First Saturday events around the world.KJWBWY46YW

This month, Resistance had 56 more agents, 8.3 million more AP and 551 more Km walked while Enlightened had 5 more levels gained and 2,702 more AP per agent gained.JK0F


The top city for October is Wuhan, China with 12 levels gained and 14 million AP!


The most comp3titive city this month was Dallas, Texas, USA where an average of 23139 AP was earned amongst the 14 agents.


Agents in Wuhan, China walked the furthest combined distance of 949 km and also scored the highest distance per agent at 8.4 km per agent!


The scorecards for each of the participating cities can be found below to be shared with your community.

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Next month is the 2nd birthday of IngressFS! stay tuned to Fev Games for some awesome surprises for participating cities!

November IFS registrations are now open, register your city here: