#IngressFS – November 2015 Results

writing reports at 4am on anomaly day? I think I may have lost a passcode in here somewhere…
3,094 Agents from 94 cities in 30 countries earned 335 million AP, gained 552 levels and walked 11,126 km during November’s First Saturday events around the world.

Congratulations to Kumamoto, Japan for having the most level ups this month, 52 and to Loveland, CO, USA with the most AP, 16,832,846 AP.

AP list

AP Grid

Although Kumamoto had the biggest event this month with 154 agents, they only ranked 75th in the average AP per agent category. Merida Yuc, Mexico topped the tally this month with 26 agents earning an average of 261,988 AP amongst them.

ap per agent list

The agents in Hangzhou, China walked the furthest distance this month clocking up 747 kilometres while the agents in Volzhsky, Russia walked an average of 7.92 km each.

km list

Registrations for December FS Events will be open early next week so stay tuned.