IngressFS – November 2016 Results

2,013 Agents from 69 cities in 26 countries earned 209 million AP, gained 252 levels and walked 6,416 km during November’s First Saturday events around the world.

To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Ingress FS, we are running a competition to give out 20 Lux Explorer coins. These 20 agents walked the furthest distance per hour during their FS events and have won themselves a Lux Explorer Coin! We will be getting in contact with your event organisers to get these coins to you soon.


This month, both teams had exactly 126 levels gained each, Resistance had 71 more agents and walked 148 km further, but the Enlightened earned 1.17 million more AP.


The top city this month was Nagoya, Japan with 25 levels gained and almost 21 million AP!


Agents from Stavanger, Norway fought the hardest, earning an average of 294,989 AP amongst the 5 agents there.


Agents in Nagoya, Japan walked the furthest combined distance of 348 km but Auckland, New Zealand walked the furthest average distance per agent with 6.44 km, closely followed by Townsville, Australia with 6.24 km per agent.