#IngressFS – December 2015 Results

Merry Christmas! 😀 O93B5U9DOX… there may be more?
1,743 Agents from 60 cities in 27 countries earned 197 million AP, gained 240 levels and walked 5,730 km during December’s First Saturday events around the world.

The top city for December was Shizuoka, Japan with 43 level ups and over 20 million AP earned!

City Scores AP Graph

Although Shizuoka had the biggest event this month with 192 agents, they only ranked 32nd in the average AP per agent category. Mérida, Mexico topped the tally again with 14 agents earning an average of 248,435 AP per agent. There was an average of 21 agents per city this month, the lowest average for 2015.


The agents in Shizuoka walked the furthest combined distance of 815km while the 36 agents in Monterrey, Mexico walked an average  of 10.5 km each.

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