IngressFS – December 2018 Results

This month was the biggest IngressFS event ever in it’s four year history with 7,572 Agents from 202 cities in 50 countries earning 905 million AP, gaining 775 levels and walking 20,051 km.

This month, the Enlightened had the most agents (+46), most levels gained (+87), most AP earned (+25.8m), most AP per agent (+5.4k) and most KM walked (+43). The Resistance had the most KM per agent (+0.02).

The top cities were tied this month between Taipei and Osaka at 55 levels gained. However, Taipei pulls ahead with 49.6 million AP earned while Osaka only gained 33.2 million AP.

Taking a look at the average AP per agent, we see Huaraz, Peru take the lead slightly over Centurion, South Africa with a score of 336k average per agent to Centurion’s 323k average per agent.

Transitioning to kilometers walked, we see Osaka with their 300+ agents leading them to 1088km walked. Closely followed is Hachioji, Japan with 734km walked among their 184 agents.

With December events over, that ends the First Saturday of 2018. Make sure to read the upcoming changes for events planned for the January 2019 registrations.