Ingress FS Second Birthday

UUNGHE7RJK The past 2 years of Ingress FS have seen 47,759 participants in 1,358 events earn 5,831,962,978 AP, 7,536 levels and walk 117,773 kilometers since November 2014. To celebrate the 2nd birthday of Ingress FS, we’ve organised a few things to make this month’s FS events a bit more exciting!

Lux Explorer Coin Giveaway

We have 20 Lux Explorer Spinner Coins to give away courtesy of Onye Corp! We will be giving them to the Top 20 agents in the world ranked by most distance walked at their event. This will be open to all agents around the world who check in at a Ingress FS event in November.



Passcode Challenge

This one will require all the cities to work together to reveal some super special passcodes! Each city will have to solve their usual encoded passcode before submitting it to activate their segment of the special passcode. More will be revealed about this in the days before November’s FS.


Videos, Photos, and Stories

To commemorate the second anniversary, we want everyone to join in and share their videos, photos, and stories of their local events over the past two years as well as screenshots of IngressFS missions. Share your posts on Google+, Facebook and Twitter with #IFS2ndAnniversary. We will reshare some of the best videos, photos, and stories on Telegram: and later on YouTube!


It’s not too late to register your event if you have not done so already.