IngressFS 5th Birthday Challenge

Happy 5th birthday IngressFS! It’s amazing how far this event that’s run by the Ingress community, for the community has come over the past 5 years. In the past year alone since the FS badge was launched in the scanner, there have been 3,452 events with an attendance of 111,508, earning 14.5 billion AP, gaining 9,374 levels and walking 327,306 km!

To celebrate the Gold FS badge event, we’ve got a very fun challenge for everyone to join in. Five Dead Drop packages have been deployed around the world, each one containing a super awesome passcode to be shared with every single agent as well as some swag for the finder courtesy of the IFS-UN Team. To find these Dead Drops, agents must first solve their local FS passcode then submit the decoded passcode in the form below. Once 7 cities in each group solve and submit their passcodes, they will unlock one of the clues for the location of a dead drop.

We’ve created a Telegram chat for everyone to join in and help solve this challenge:

To add to the celebrations, Niantic has increased the bonus AP from 2x to 3x AP!

Challenge Instructions

  1. FS Event Leaders receive passcode email and decode it with help from local attendees
  2. Submit the decoded passcode to the secure form below
  3. If submitted passcode is correct, the city’s name will turn yellow on the list (Updated every 10 minutes)
  4. When 7 cities in a group have submitted their passcodes, they will unlock a clue that may require further decoding
  5. Unlock all 7 clues to reveal the location of the Dead Drop
  6. If a Dead Drop is not at it’s location yet, clues will say “Locating Drop…” and status will be “INACTIVE” until they are in position
  7. Dead Drops will be in position and activated during their nearest FS Event.


Below list updates every 10 minutes