CollageMaker_20200427_184551233IFS-UN and Niantic working together to bring you IngressFS@Home!

IngressFS@Home – May 2020

The details below were specifically for May 2020 FS. For details and requirements on future IngressFS@Home events, please see IngressFS@Home Guide


In the words of the London FS Organisers:

Join us for who knows what and who knows how, as we all experience Ingress First Saturday remotely, and finally answer the question, “Who wants to get off their sofa, anyway?”

Although we all need to stay home to stay safe, it doesn’t mean we can’t have a bit of fun at home! IFS-UN and Niantic have been working hard together to come up with a few activities to make FS a fun weekend catching up virtually with friends during these extraordinary times.

There will be three activities that everyone can join in and work together on from home:

Online Social Activities

Ingress FS has always been about bringing the community together, and in these challenging times, maintaining our social bonds is more meaningful than ever.

This weekend, the IngressFS venue is your home. So get comfy and join your fellow agents on an online social gathering to create good memories in a virtual setting.

  • Get your city registered by April 30th 23:59 UTC.
  • Follow your local Ingress FS event’s channels to know the specifics of the event you want to participate in. 
  • Socialize and have fun! Event Organisers will decide activities to measure BOTH social and in-game participation which can include one or more of the following activities in addition to the required Portal Recharging Challenge (details further below):
    • Solving the Passcode Challenge together (details released on the day)
    • Wayfarer Review party
    • Stats competition
    • Share stories and shoutouts through COMMs
    • Other activities suggested by Event Organisers
  • Smile for the camera! We’re still having our group photo (with a twist).
  • Make sure you meet the participation requirements set by the local Event Organisers and get your checked on the list of the city you’ve participated at to be eligible for the FS badge.
  • We strongly suggest Event Organisers list these details on their event page:
    • Primary language
    • Participation requirements (Such as joining in the conversation, helping solve the passcode, sharing stories, recharging portals etc.)
    • Communication platform (a real-time voice/video/chat platform such as, but not limited to Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts or Microsoft Teams)


Portal Recharging Challenge

Staying home means limiting your interaction with portals, which is a challenge for in-game participation. Fortunately, we can recharge portals remotely! Take a look at your keys inventory to engage in the Portal Recharging Challenge and help your city heal as many portals as possible.

For this challenge, Event Organizers will monitor XM recharged through your agent stats submitted to the Auto Score Sheet.

  • Every city must use the Auto Score Sheet. Agents need to make sure they get the link to the form to submit their stats at the beginning and at the end of the event.
  • For any one city, XM recharged should be at least 50k XM overall. Everyone can contribute towards this goal.
  • Cities will be ranked by the total amount of XM they recharge and the average XM recharged per agent to win bragging rights!

Passcode Decoding Challenge

Details will be shared on the day but one thing we can guarantee is that it will require a lot of people with local portal knowledge to work together to unlock their city’s passcode. We strongly suggest that you join the social platform chosen for your event to engage with other agents to help solve the decoding challenge.

Passcode emails will be sent out in 3 waves on Saturday, in the morning for each region: APAC, EMEA and AMER. Event Organisers, please make sure and double check that your email address on the event registration is correct as that is the address that we will send the passcode details to. 

Solving the city’s passcode and submitting it on the master challenge form (which will be released on the day) will be mandatory for cities to be eligible for the FS Badge. Once your city’s passcode has been solved, groups of cities will also need to work together to unlock the global master codes! 

Requirements to get FS Badge

Requirements for the badge are a bit different to usual so make sure you read the below carefully. There will be only one single roll out of the badges, we won’t be able to do any follow up roll outs if you miss out. We also advise to avoid changing your agent name between FS and the badge roll out. 

  • Agents:
    • Register with an event. Find one here
    • Submit stats to the Auto Score Sheet for that event as instructed by your Event Organisers.
    • Participate in local online social activities and/or in-game activities as required by your Event Organisers. Check that your Agent Name and score is listed on your local event’s page under the Score Sheet Data section. (Being listed under RSVP DOES NOT count)
    • Have fun!
  • Event Organisers:
    • Share information about your event on your event page: main language used, platform of communication used, actions required of participating Agents, how to submit stats, etc. Update your the Description field on the Event Registration form so that the details appear for all agents to see.
    • Setup the Auto Score Sheet and enter the sheet URL in your Event Registration (edit your registration details and you’ll find there is a new field for the Auto Score Sheet URL).
    • Event Organisers will need to tick the checkbox in Column A – Participation Verified in the Data tab of the Auto Score Sheet for agents to be eligible to receive the FS Badge. Agents that have been checked will appear in the list on the event page.
    • Agents not ticked and not listed on the event page will not get the badge.
    • Make sure the sum of total XM recharged of all participating Agents reaches at least 50k XM.
    • Make sure there are at least 10 attendees with at least 3 from each faction who submit their stats and be checked that they participated.
    • Get participants in your event to work together to solve your city’s passcode puzzle and submit it to the Master Passcode Challenge.
    • Get a screenshot or create a photo collage of your participants that meets the virtual group photo criteria.

Badges will be rolled out two weeks after FS once all event score sheets and group photos have been verified.



  • Is there a portal hack or specific in-game actions required for medal eligibility?
    • No, given the current situation, individual participating agents are not required to meet all the requirements as the standard FS format. Agents and Event Organisers need to meet all the above listed requirements to be eligible for the badge.
  • Do participants need to meet the minimum 5000 AP gain for medal eligibility?
    • No, the minimum 5000 AP gain requirement will be waived.
  • Do we get double AP for this First Saturday?
    • No, double AP will not be rewarded. 
  • Will there be a Restock Portal or a way for participants to receive the Restock portal gear?
    • No, participants will not have access to Restock portals nor its contents. 
  • What’s up with the passcode contents?
    • They have been modified to be Stay at Home friendly; we don’t want to tempt agents to go out with the usual assortments of gears. They are also not guaranteed; if the puzzles do not get decoded, no one can access the passcode. 
  • Is there a limit on the number of attendees for each event?
    • There is no strict hard limit on the number of people that can attend a single event, however there are a few factors to consider. If your event has more than 100 RSVPs, we’d suggest finding some new organisers to create a new event under the name of a nearby city.
    • As Organisers need to verify the participation of each agent, it may get too difficult to manage this for very large events.
    • Most Video call platforms are limited to 50 or 100 participants.
    • Each city passcode will only be available for 100 agents.
  • What does the event start time mean?
    • As there are no portals being activated, it’s up to the Event Organisers to decide when and how their event will run.
  • Do I have to submit RSVP?
    • No, RSVP is not mandatory, it is only to indicate to Event Organisers the number of people that may be attending.
  • If I submit my RSVP, will I get the badge?
    • RSVP will NOT be used for giving out the FS badge. You need to submit your stats to your local event and meet the event’s requirements for the Event Organisers to check your name on the list.
  • How do I know if I’ve met all the requirements for the badge?
    • Your Agent Name and score will appear on the event page under the Score Sheet Data section
  • Can I attend more than one event?
    • Yes, but you will only get a single increment on the FS badge no matter how many events you join. If we receive any reports that you’ve been harassing or trolling events, you will not be getting the FS badge for the month.
  • Agent Names and scores aren’t showing up on my event?
    • Make sure you’ve added the URL for your Auto Score Sheet to your event Registration and the sharing settings on the file are set to ‘Anyone with the link can view’
  • Can I make changes to the Auto Score Sheet?
    • We strongly advise you don’t edit any of the formulas in the Auto Score Sheet. There are some settings you can change on the instructions tab and that is ok. But if you edit any of the formulas and we’re not able to access the data, no one at your event will be getting the FS badge.
  • Is the Auto Score Sheet mandatory?
    • In order for us to quickly and accurately collate the 11,000 agent names from over 400 events, we need the data to be in a consistent format. The Auto Score Sheet allows agents to efficiently submit their stats and Event Organisers to easily tick they’ve been verified. If you’ve developed your own system for your event that you really insist on using and you can export your data to a Google Sheet, you can export the data into the Manual Scoring Template and submit that instead. You’ll still need to tick Col A for all agents that participated. If the agent names and scores appear on the event page, it means you’ve got it working correctly and we’ll be able to use the data. We are not able to support any issues you may have with 3rd party systems.