IngressFS Auto Score Sheet v2.4 – Volatile Portals and Foxtrot Vs Sierra Challenge

To make life easier for IngressFS organisers and attendees, we’ve developed the IngressFS Auto Score Sheet. The sheet comes with a form for agents to paste their stats from their profile into and sheets configured to allow organisers to verify the data submitted, select a bonus stat and automatically generate a live leaderboard. The sheet has been able to reduce the time taken for check in agents at the start and end from almost an hour for over 50 attendees down to 5-10 minutes.

Organisers can get a copy of the sheet and form from here

Today we’re announcing some new awesome functionality added to the Auto Score Sheet to bring a bit more life and fun back into IngressFS Events!

Volatile Portals

There is now a new bonus stat option added to the list: Volatile Portals. To use this, select Volatile Portals as the bonus stat in the Options section of the Instructions tab. Unhide the Volatile Portals tab and fill in the list of portals you want to measure. You can also make some portals worth more points than others by setting the value in column D. Before or during the event, announce to the attendees which portals are being measured and at what time, you can also use the schedule message function in Telegram to announce the portals at predetermined times. Then at the specified time, check the ownership of the portal on intel and select the agent in the list. Results will appear live in the leaderboard.

Foxtrot vs Sierra Challenge

In this challenge, all registered attendees are assigned into one of two cross faction teams based on the order they register, red Team Foxtrot and yellow Team Sierra. Each team needs to come up with a strategy to get the highest bonus stat score. To use this Event Format, select the Foxtrot vs Sierra in the options section on the Instructions tab, unhide column C in the Data tab and unhide the “F vs S Leaderboard” tab.

This new event format was created by @Captroverman and we tested it out in January at our event in Portarlington, Australia. We used clothes pegs with the team names so it was easier for people to recognise who they were now working with or against. It definitely brought a new dimensions to the game, and combined with the volatile portals, saw agents trying to come up with some amazing strategies to hold portals against their own faction or for the opposite faction to help their Foxtrot or Sierra team win!

More Bonus Stats

There’s no need to hack away at the sheet anymore to add more than one bonus stat, we’ve added the possibility to use up to 8 bonus stats! To use them, unhide the rows under the first bonus stat on the instructions tab and select which stats you want to measure. You can select as few or as many as you like, the leaderboards and data tab will automatically update with the info on the fly.

Optional Manual Stat Entry

For those agents that would prefer to not share all their profile stats, we’ve added an option to manually enter your stats into the form and still be included. Enter the below information separated by new lines between each stat. You don’t need to enter that stat name, just the values in the correct order.

Template Example
Agent Name
Agent Faction
Lifetime AP
Distance Walked
Bonus Stat 1(Optional)
Bonus Stat 2(Optional)…


Be sure to enter the full faction name and not the short versions. Only enter in the raw values and *do not* include any suffixes like km or ap after the value. If there is more than one bonus stat, append them to the end in the same way, separated by new lines. If you’re using this method, validating your submitted stats with an organiser will be mandatory.

We’ve asked NIA if it would be possible to add a feature where long pressing the copy stats button only copies a short version of the output that contains the above info but we haven’t heard if the idea has progressed anywhere.

We hope you enjoy these new additions to the Auto Score Sheet and hopefully they add a bit more excitement and fun to your events! There’s a ton more features planned so stay tuned.

For FS organisers in the the IngressFS Slack Workspace, join the #ifs-auto-score-sheet channel to discuss your ideas, ask for help with any issues or help us test new features!