Auto Score Sheet

IngressFS Auto Score Sheet v2.5 – Calculated Stats and Other Fixes

Just before March FS, Agent @Steak proposed the idea of having a calculated stat in the Auto Score Sheet to provide more options for Event Organizers to make their events fun. After the first beta was trialed, @MrsSpectrum suggested some adjustments to how the calculated stat formula works to make it much more user friendly and more flexible. The changes were trialed by a few events successfully and has now been added to the live version of the sheet for everyone to use.

Organizers can get a copy of the sheet and form from here.

Changes for FS@Home

Due to COVID-19 requiring everyone to stay home, the default KM Walked stat has been temporarily replaced with XM Recharged stat. You can still select KM Walked as a bonus stat if desired.

Calculated Stat

You can use Bonus Stats A-G to create a calculated stat by using the letters A to G in a mathematical formula in the calculated stat field, most basic arithmetic formulas should work. Don’t include the equals sign (=) before it otherwise it won’t work. You can also use ‘AP‘ or ‘LVL‘ in the formula so you don’t have to set them as a bonus stat to use them.

The stat name will be auto generated based on the formula but you can choose to enter your own name for the stat below the formula. If the Calculated Bonus Stat cell turns red, there is an error with your input which you’ll need to fix.

Ideas you can use for the Calculated Bonus Stat:

Stat Name MU Per Field Recharge Master
Bonus Stat A Mind Units Captured XM Recharged
Bonus Stat B Control Fields Created Hacks
Calculated Stat A/B AP/(A/1000)-B*1000


Leaderboard on the Event Page

You can now enter the URL for your Auto Score Sheet into the new field on the Event Registration form and the Event Page will show the Leaderboard. Check out this example of how it will look. Data on the page will be up to date as of when the page is refreshed. There may be a short delay if you change a bonus stats, just refresh the page again a minute later.

During FS@Home events, Event Organizers will need to tick the checkbox in Column A – Participation Verified for agents to appear in the list on the event page. Only agents that have that ticked will be eligible to receive the FS Badge

Fix for Corrupted Data

Because the Stat Export from the scanner is Tab Delimited, the data can be corrupted when it’s pasted in another app before it’s pasted into the form. We strongly suggest you don’t paste your stats anywhere else before pasting them into the form. There is also an issue in Google Sheets where if you edit a cell that contains the Tab character, the Tabs will get replaced with spaces which is why we advise that the form response cells are not touched.

To cover situations where people have not followed the above advice, the data is now filtered to consider two or more spaces as a delimiter. However this won’t be 100% reliable as sometimes the tabs are replaced with single spaces which can’t be used as a reliable delimiter.

If there is an issue with an Agent’s stats not appearing the Data tab, get them to copy their stats from the scanner again. If that’s not possible, they’ll need to use the manual entry option

Other Stuff

Portal Scans Uploaded stat added to Bonus Stats list.

With the introduction of the APEX item, we’re advocating for a new stat to be added to help measure AP on an even playing field, either Raw AP Earned or Bonus AP Earned. That way events can continue to award prizes based on AP without it becoming a pay to win event. In the meantime, we recommend events use the Bonus Stats in the Auto Score Sheet to determine prize winners, as more and more events have started to do.