Auto Score Sheet

IngressFS Auto Score Sheet v2.8 – Custom Stat and Other Fixes

There’s been a handful of tweaks and changes to the Auto Score Sheet since the last update, here’s some details on what’s changed:

Custom Stat

The new custom stat is an optional measure that is not included in the Ingress Agent Stat Export such as Pop Quiz questions, Passcode Puzzle Contributions or Wayfarer Reviews. To use the Custom Stat:

  1. In the Form, move the two fields under the Hidden section up into the top section of the form so Agents can enter in their stat
  2. Rename the fields to the name of the stat you are recording (keep ‘Start’ and ‘End’ in the field name so agents know what to fill in)
  3. In the Instructions tab of the Sheet, enter the stat name in the Custom Stat (G) field

Once it’s set up, instruct your attendees to fill in the value for that stat into the form while they’re submitting their agent stats.

If it’s a stat that needs to be filled in by the event leaders, instead of adding the field to the form, unhide the Form Responses tab and type in the value in Columns G and H. Be sure not to edit any other columns as it may corrupt the data.

If you are using this feature, please make sure you are using v2.8.1 as there was a small bug in v2.8 that has now been fixed.

Glide App Compatible

We’ve created a Glide app for the Auto Score Sheet to hopefully make it easier for event organisers to search, sort and filter agents to verify them during the event. Glide turns a Google Sheet into a mobile app

To use the Auto Score Sheet Glide App, go to and click Copy This App. It will create a new copy of the Auto Score Sheet and Form connected to the app. Set up the newly created Sheet and Form as you usually would (don’t forget to link the spreadsheet to your event registration.) and as Agents submit their stats, you can view their details and tick them

Other Stuff

A range of new agent stats have been added and updated. However if there is a situation where a new stat is added to the scanner shortly before FS and you want to use it as a bonus stat for your event, you only need to type in the stat name into a bonus stat field and ignore the validation error and it will work like all other stats.

Other fixes include:

  • Agents with names that get converted into number or date format shouldn’t change anymore. (Please double check your name appears correctly anyway)
  • The issue last month where negative stats were appearing has been fixed
  • An issue where agents scored a new stat for the first time during FS wasn’t appearing at all (e.g. not using the Drone before FS but did during) has been fixed