IngressFS – Supporting Local Charities

IFS for charity

Ingress FS events around the world have been directing their community spirit towards supporting local charities, every month, we’ll cover the hard work and generous donations from the Ingress community.

The following cities are contributing to their communities in their own special ways for their February FS events:

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

“Every year, the Royal Children’s Hospital hold the Good Friday Appeal to raise money for equipment, research and education to support the amazing work they do there. Our event is just one of thousands that lead up to an all-day telethon, broadcast live across the Victoria on Good Friday. We have put together a big box of Ingress swag items for a raffle to raise money for this wonderful cause.”

Sacramento, California, USA

“For our past 3 events, we have been holding a donation drive, collecting canned foods and gently used coats to be donated to the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services, and our fourth event is no exception. We frequently collect donations and raffle prizes so that we can help both encourage people to donate and promote an overall more welcoming event to welcome players of all experiences of game play.”

Cardiff, Wales, UK

“This month we will be holding a donation drive to help a well known homeless shelter in the area. While out playing Ingress, there are many homeless people that ask us for either money or food and as an xfac community, we thought we should help. Both sides have come together to gather a large number of essential items that can be donated to the local shelter. Based on the success of our past First Saturday events, we now have a large player turn out and thought we could use this to the advantage of the charities. This will be our first Charity First Saturday doing this and we are investigating helping other local charities for future First Saturday events.”


Going forward, we’ll be collecting information in the Event Registrations and Scoring Submissions to recognize all the hard work that goes on.