IFS Featured Artist- August 2023

Happy FS Weekend everyone! I hope everyone is excited for their events and for the start of level 8 week! This month’s media artwork is by Nebuchadnezz4r from Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

How long have you been playing Ingress?

Since 2016

What inspired you to submit your artwork to the contest?

I saw a lot of wonderful arts being submitted, traditionally and via Ai. I felt that i should at least try and participate as well.

Is there anything special about your artwork that you’d like to share?

Portals are usually a place of interest including historical sites and structures related to certain cultures. I have a lot of interest in the latter so I felt like I should submit a somewhat conceptual portal depiction based on those interests.

Is there a website people can visit to see your artwork or any other artwork you would like to showcase?

It’s just on my pc, so not really.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your craft? 

Since the birth of AI art generators like Midjourney (MJ) and Stable Diffusion (SD), I have been spending alot of time tinkering with it. I am initially a traditional art hobbyist with anime/manga inclination. Seeing the the capability of MJ and SD to produce amazing outputs, you could say i am happy to be able to make artwork from the best out of both worlds, traditional + AI.

Are you thinking of making any swag of it?

I am a t-shirt fan and if I could, I would make a t-shirt out of it. I did some on ingress personal projects before, so yeah.


I would love to see some t-shirts made of this! Thank you so much for submitting this piece and doing this interview, it was really nice to see what a traditional artist thinks of Ai and uses it! Agents, if you’d like this artwork in your scanner, join one of the many IFS events running this weekend!