IFS Featured Artist- February 2022

Hello Agents! This last month flew by, I can’t believe we are already on the second IFS weekend of the year! The IFS Art competition is still going strong and today we are releasing 2022’s second artwork of the year!  I hope you all get to enjoy this wonderful IFS weekend! This months artist is StuartMary from Yokohama, Japan!

Agent Name:



9 (Recursed)

How long have you been playing?
Since October 2014

What inspired you to submit your piece to the contest?
I like to think about the ingress world, especially what shapers bring to this world, and how resistance prevents that.
This competition has the theme of Shaper Glyphs, so I want to portray my image in the picture.

Is there anything about your artwork you want people to know?
The TRII ( in Japanese “鳥居”) is a traditional Japanese gate, where it symbol from our mundane world to another world. I want everyone who sees my picture to imagine the world beyond the TORII gate.

Is there a website where people can see your artwork or other artwork you like to show?
I don’t have any website, but I made many ingress missions using my picture. If someone visits JAPAN, I’d love for you to play my missions.

Are there any details you would like to share about your craft? 
I like to draw something cute. ( eg. cat, rabbit, and Medjed!? etc.) but it was through this competition that I discovered the joy of painting landscapes.
And, I do all my drawings using only my fingers! XD

Do you plan to make swag of it?
NO, but I’d be happy to contribute my picture if someone else would make it. 😉

Is it ok if agents use your image in their Virtual IFS Group photos?
Yes, of course!

Images for a mission Banner can be found here~!

I am so happy you got to explore something new with your submission! It is amazing and i hope to someday do one of the missions with your artwork! Thank you so much for participating in the competition and doing this interview! Agents, if you would like to get the media for this artwork join an IFS event this weekend and help decode your puzzle! Thank you to Tabineco, who made some templates here for IFS groups to use in Group Photo collages!


Please be mindful not to use this artwork(s) used in this post without permission of the artist outside of group photos for IFS. Thank you and we hope you participate in future IFS art competitions!