IFS Featured Artist- January 2020

Happy New Year everyone and today our featured artist is Mqk from Japan! They are our first winning artist to the IFS Art Competition for 2020, with their artwork being featured for January! Like our other IFS Art Competitions we asked them a few questions to get to know them and their artwork!

Agent Name





10(First Recursion)

How long have you been playing?

about 5 years

What inspired you to submit your piece to the contest?

I knew that there was the first contest on Twitter.
Unfortunately, it was not selected in the contest.
The second art contest recruitment was held at the same time as Mission Day Chiba New Town held in Japan.
I was in charge of the artwork for Mission Day Chiba New Town, so I redesigned the art at that time for the contest and applied.


Is there anything about your artwork you want people to know?

Ingress is based on real people who are agents. Since there was no designed character, I thought it would be interesting to draw like a Japanese manga.

It was called anthropomorphism (#gijinka), and I found people who use this hashtag on Instagram other than in Japan.
I draw a lot of Gijinka fan art in Ingress paintings
This character is also a character art with the image of Enlightened and Resistance.


Is there a website where people can see your artwork or other artwork you like to show?

Their work is published on their blog and Twitter.

Are there any details you would like to share about your craft?

I draw with CLIP STUDIO PAINT and Photoshop. Almost digital art.
Sometimes 3DCG is used. (Blender)
CLIP STUDIO PAINT と Photoshop で描いています。ほぼデジタルアートです。

Do you plan to make swag of your image?

Last year and two years ago, I was in charge of artwork for First Saturday and Mission Day held in Chiba New Town, and made several commemorative cards.
The event schedule for 2020 Ingress has not been decided yet.
In my personal activity, I plan to make a personal art book around spring.
We will inform you on Twitter when it is completed. Thank you.

Thank you Mqk for the amazing submission! Agents if you get a chance i would definitely suggest looking over their portfolio and twitter for more of their artwork and to see the wonderful holiday cards made of these characters! Once again thank you Mqk for participating in our contest and we hope to see more from you in the future!

We would also like to note that the Mqk has listed Mopu3104 as a contributor to the logo design in their image.

Please be mindful not to use this artwork(s) used in this post without permission. Thank you and we hope you participate in future IFS art competitions!