IFS Featured Artist – July 2023

Happy FS Weekend everyone! I can’t believe we’re halfway through the year already! This month’s artwork is by Ishira from Eureka, California

How long have you been playing Ingress?

9 years

What inspired you to submit your artwork to the contest?

I’ve wanted to submit another piece for a while now, but I’ve always gotten caught up in big projects. The theme was honestly a bit tricky for me at first until I saw a submission of NL. That opened up my mind to ideas on other memorable portals I wanted to showcase so I decided to try again.

Is there anything special about your artwork that you’d like to share?

Each little image is a portal I’ve interacted with in some way. It’s filled with a history of some of the most memorable portals I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with. Cupid’s Span and the Power Cube are both things agents will recognize quickly but along with them are a span of portals that form my Ingress history. The leave no trace is a portal that opened me up to more than just my local game play. It is a portal I found and scored for my team in Helios. The beacon is the first portal I participated in a recharge room with, and scored me my first Anomaly badge. Santorini is a place where in lore we discovered an ancient volcano and was able to get an Agent there to hack for a Hank Johnson breadcrumb. The redacted portal of course was the first Navarro portal I was able to hack, and then along with it are my team’s two PLPS and their tecthulhus.

Is there a website people can visit to see your artwork or any other artwork you would like to showcase?

Currently working on a different website to relaunch artwork but you can always see some of my posts on twitter! twitter.com/ishiratsubasa

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your craft?

By trade, I am a sketch artist. Most of my artwork is in pencil sketches and very rarely do I use much else. While I submitted digital work the first time, I knew this time it wouldn’t work for me, because it requires a lot more time and relearning the programs I barely use. I wanted to submit a piece that is more me, which is sketches and incomplete lines. I felt that represented my creativity more.

Are you thinking of making any swag of it?

I am considering coloring and maybe making a poster or stickers of it. We will see.

Thanks to Ishira for submitting this great work of art! If you’d like to see your artwork appear in the Ingress Scanner, submit it here.