IFS Featured Artist- June 2023

Happy IFS weekend everyone! I hope you are having a wonder time and are excited for this weekends events. This months featured artist is IIAYUSHII from Mathura, India!

How long have you been playing Ingress? 

4 years

What inspired you to submit your artwork to the contest?

The recent addition of Machina to the game, which is so annoying for every player, pushed me to creat an artwork which defines it.

Is there anything special about your artwork that you’d like to share?

I wanted to create an image which will always come to mind of agents of both factions. To represent how Niantic is using a bot to make the already challenging game, Ingress, even more difficult for players.

Is there a website people can visit to see your artwork or any other artwork you would like to showcase?


Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your craft?

It features a girl (Niantic team) and a robot (Machina), which is creating problems for the rival teams, the Enlightened and Resistance. Both od the teams need to fight against it together.

Are you thinking of making swag of it?



I think it is amazing that Machina has encouraged now two Agents to submit pieces to our contest. It is very interesting to see peoples view of these changes in the form of artwork. Thank you so much for submitting and doing this interview! Agents, if you would like to get this artwork in your scanner, join one of the many IFS events happening this weekend!