IFS Featured Artist- March 2023

Happy IFS weekend everyone! I hope you all are enjoying our virtual and in person events. This months artist is IIAYUSHII from Agra, India.

How long have you been playing Ingress?

2 years

What inspired you to submit your artwork to the contest?

To spread my creativity and represent my country. I always try to show the best out of me, and Niantic gave me a chance to do it.

Is there anything special about your artwork that you’d like to share?

It represents the National Heritage of my country and one of the seven wonders of the world, combined with the mystical and magical theme of Ingress. It also represents how an Agent starting their journey in Ingress has to choose the path of Resistance or Enlightenment, in front of this timeless monument.

Is there a website people can visit to see your artwork or any other artwork you would like to share?

No, iIreally dont want anyone to see it before the results are out on this contest. The social media web is full of people are into plagerism and I dont want them to take and claim my artwork. But I will be putting this artwork on Instagram and Twitter

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your craft?

It took me around 8 hrs to think and finish it from scratch. I hope the story I convey through my art reaches the panel.

Are you thinking of making any sway of it?

I will not be making swag of it. It is the viewers who critique the artwork and their praise is the trophy of the artist.


Thank you so much for submitting your wonderful piece and doing this interview! I love that you used such a notable place within your work and focused so much on what you wanted to bring to the contest. Agents, if you are interested in getting this months IFS media, you can find an event near you and join in on this weekends fun! I hope to see many of your smiling faces in the group picture submissions!

Templates here for IFS groups to use in Group Photo collages!