IFS Media Artwork Competition Updates

Hello everyone! This year has had quite a few amazing submissions but as the competition has gone on, we have had fewer and fewer submissions. This we feel, is greatly in part to time constraints, which will likely not improve due to the holiday season coming up. So, we have decided to make some changes to help with this.

The next three months, we will not have an Agent featured media for IFS events. Instead we plan on having submissions open for the next three months, until January 29th 2024, to give artists plenty of time to create and submit their artworks. Our rules regarding submissions will remain the same, though our theme will be open ended, allowing artists free range to express their creativity.

Submission requirements

  • Artwork/media must be created by submitter
  • The use of fonts, stock images, and AI that clear the condition of use are acceptable, but must be declared without omission.
  • Artwork/media must be themed Ingress. For 2024 the themes open to Agents ideas
  • Artwork/media may not contain material or images other than those for which the usage rights have been cleared
  • All artwork/media must comply with Niantic Player guidelines
  • Artwork/media should be cross-factional and friendly. No ridicule or scorn
  • Agents must provide valid contact information
  • Acceptable submissions can range from hand-drawn artwork, digital artwork, music, video, photography, crafts, AI artwork, and more.
  • Submitted files need to be less than 100mb.

Submitting Work that includes others material

If you choose to submit your work using materials created by others, you must submit the list below for all materials.

  • Distribution site URL
  • License description URL
  • Copy and paste a rights statement


Submitting AI Artwork

If you choose to submit AI artwork, there are additional requirements for submission.

  • Distribution site URL
  • License description URL
  • Copy and paste a rights statement

Accepted artwork/media

Approved artwork / media will be selected together by a team of IFS-UN and Niantic members. Once the artwork / media is accepted, the submitter will be informed of which month it was selected. It is important to note that even if the artwork / media is approved, it may be removed from distribution at any time.

To submit your artwork, please use this form

Why was my artwork/media not approved?

There are several reasons why artwork / media was not selected or accepted for competition. There are several points to consider.

  1. Was your artwork/media player friendly?
  2. Are you following the Niantic player guidelines?
  3. Does your artwork/media contain copyrighted material? This is especially true for AI artwork.

Your artwork may not have been selected for this round because it is selected by a team, not an individual. You can resubmit to the next round at any time. In fact, previous submitters are encouraged to resubmit!

Along with new submissions, we will be reaching out to past Artists to encourage them to submit again! We look forward to your submissions Agents, and hope that the time given will be enough for everyone who wants to submit, to be able to submit a piece they look forward to showcasing.