IngressFS Event Registration

Ingress First Saturday is a cross-faction event organised and run by agents, for agents all across the world on the First Saturday of each month.

Registered Events


If this is your first time running an IngressFS event, check out this Crash Course presentation to help with organising a successful IngressFS event.

Here’s some #IngressFS pro-tips:

  1. Post in your local COMM about the event for any Agents that may be interested in coming.
  2. Recruit friends and family to join your event.
  3. Join the #IngressFS Organizer community to get advice on hosting your event or share best practices
  4. Tag your photos and videos with #IngressFS.
  5. Maximum one FS event per city each month.
  6. Use these resources if you have any questions.
    Running an #IngressFS guidelines
    Scoring Spreadsheet template
    First Saturday art assets
  7. Don’t forget to submit your cities results after the event
  8. Have fun!

Instructions and Requirements

For an event to be eligible for the IngressFS badge in January:

  • The event must be registered 2 weeks before the event date (see below for deadline).
  • The event must have a minimum of 10 agents (min 3 from each faction) hack the Registration portal during the event and in the group photo
  • The event can’t have any restrictions on who is allowed to attend the event
  • A group photo of the event posted on a public social media post and include a minimum of 10 agents in the photo. Snapshots and candid pictures are not accepted.
  • The URL for the group photo post provided in the score submission by the Thursday after the event (see the scoring page for the deadline).

For agents to be eligible for the badge:

  • Agents must hack the Meeting Point portal specified in the event listing below during the 2 hour event
  • Agents can only receive one count towards the badge each month

These requirements may change in the future.

Portals will be activated at the following times:

  • Event start time -1:00 – Registration Portal is marked with a ground marker
  • Event start time +0:00 to +2:00 – Hack the portal to register for Double AP and IngressFS badge (both will be applied later in the week)
  • Event start time +2:30 to +3:30 – Restocking portal activates with an increased hack output

IngressFS events must be held on Saturdays only. Sunday and Friday events are no longer allowed. If your city isn’t able to host an event on the Saturday, we recommend coordinating with a neighboring city.

It is not advised to recurse during your event, as the double AP seems to go to the Shapers and N’zeer instead of the Agents. The NIA is working hard to prevent this from happening again but If you are planning to recurse do so 24hrs before your event.


Some events like to have a souvenir mission to go along with their IngressFS events. Having a mission with your event is entirely optional.

If you do decide to have a mission at your FS event, we recommend submitting it as far in advance as possible and no less than a week before the event to make sure there are no issues and it will be live for your event. The mission must have the #IngressFS hashtag in the title to be fast-tracked in the week before the event. FS Missions are not guarantees to be approved: your mission can still be rejected if it does not follow all standard mission requirements. First Saturday missions are recommended to have 1 mission per site, and are limited to a strict maximum of 6 missions per site so that we do not overload the fast track team. Overuse of fast tracking may result in some events missing out or it no longer being available at all. Please retire your First Saturday missions after the event, in order to avoid cluttering the local mission list.

Event Registration

When you first submit your event, you’ll get an email with a link to edit the details and a link to your Fev Games Event Page. The form will stop accepting new registrations 14 days before FS (see above for deadline) and will be locked down for edits 7 days before the FS event.


If you would like some help with organising a local IngressFS event, feel free to ask your friendly IFS-UN representative:

Jordon Mizzi – Australia/NZ
Liberty Naud – USA
Ishira Tsubasa – USA
Steven Curley – 
tabineco aya – Japan
Alex Li – Greater China and Missions
Aline Souto – Brazil
Divina Benitez – Paraguay