preview of the IFS All Time Scores page

IngressFS Score Leaderboard

It’s been a fair while since we’ve published the results for IngressFS events. After many years of planning and a month of late nights actually working on it, I am excited to announce the launch of the interactive IngressFS Score Leaderboard!

When you first enter the site, you’ll see the list of months since IFS Prime began (we’ll look into adding in more historical data soon.) The number of events shown only reflects the events that submitted accurate results and is lower than the total number of valid events that occurred.

preview of the IFS All Time Scores page

Clicking through on a month will show all the events for the month.

Preview of the month view of IFS Scores

You can reorder the list by clicking on the header and you can find your city or country by typing in the filter box. In the case of a tie in the sorted stat, it then sorts by AP Gained.

Filtering the IFS Scores page

If you’re looking at a particular month, you can move forward and back between months using the links in the menu.

If you click through on a city name, you’ll see the history for that city.

When viewing the All Time scores for a city, you can click on the country or region name to see the history for that area, then selecting a month will show you the leaderboard for that region in that month.

To see more information on a single specific event, you can click on the rank number to view the event page which has a breakdown of the scores by Faction. Clicking on a graph will expand the information. The event page now also has a link to the submitted group photo and score sheet submitted.

It’s important to remember that the scores that are displayed were provided by the faction leaders of the event. We run a check for any abnormal results and if any city has an issue with its results or if it is reported to us that the results are not accurate, we will remove the data for that event from all pages. The appearance of a city’s scores does not mean that the event’s group photo was verified.

We hope you like the new score pages and upgrades to the event pages, we have a lot more in the works so stay tuned! If you have any feedback, let us know in the comments below. If you find any issues with the scores, there’s a link at the bottom of each page to leave feedback connected to the page.