IngressFS Score Submission

After your IngressFS event has finished, submit your results to be added to our analysis and get verified to receive the FS Badge.

To make sure your group photo meets the requirements, check out the Group Photo Submission Guide.  (online) (onsite)

Verification Statuses:

  • Yes: All good, event attendees will get the FS Badge and Double AP soon™
  • Pending: IFS-UN team will check the group photo Social Media post to verify it soon™ (don’t nag us or we’ll move it to the bottom of the list)
  • Not Submitted Yet: try refreshing the page in 10 minutes.
  • Not Enough Agents: The photo didn’t have 10 agents in the photo provided or your score submission lists less than 10 agents total or less than 3 agents from each faction. Even if there are 9 in the picture and someone else is taking the picture, it can not be accepted.
  • Candid Photo: A photo of the agents interacting with each other does not count as a group photo. Agents need to be standing in a group paying attention to the camera to be a valid group photo.
  • Privacy Settings: The link provided has privacy settings restricting us from being able to view the photo. Please change the settings to make the post public. You can test it by trying to view the link in incognito mode.
  • Direct Link: A link to the image on it’s own is not acceptable. We need the link to the public post where users would find the page on the platform used.
  • Private Link: The photo needs to be posted on to a public social media platform. The link provided is exclusive to those that have the link which is not accepted. Try using Reddit, Facebook or the Ingress Community instead.
  • No Photo/Incorrect Link: The provided link does not have a group photo. Please resubmit a link with a group photo
  • Reused Photo: Photos must be taken during the event. They represent the presence and participation of each agent in a specific event. Do not reuse photos from other cities of the same month or past events.
  • Other Issue: Please check the link provided and make sure it goes to a public social media post with the group photo

If your city isn’t in the list above, please submit it here.