#IngressFS - Victoria, Canada - January 2019

Date/Time: 05-Jan-2019 13:00 //
Base Portal: The Government House Gardens // Intel Link // Google Maps
Restocking Portal: Windsor Hotel // Intel Link // Google Maps


Stat Total Enl // Res
Lvl 1
AP 3,146,493
Agents 23
AP/Agent 136,804
Bonus 79
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Event Description

VIIPA Presents: #IngressFS: Victoria, Hacking in the New Year!

2 hours of Double AP!
Restocking Portal!
Get yourself the scanner medal, or one step closer to silver!

For the first time Agents, Ingress First Saturday is a social event with some competitive aspects. It's an amazing place to gain AP and level up and a great way to get some unique captures.
It's also a great place to put a name to face and get to know each other a little bit more. We already know we all love triangles. Who knows what other interest we may share!

12:30 PM - We will be set up for check-in, questions, chit chat, etc.

12:45 PM Official Check-In Begins : Each agent will check-in with the designated Scorekeeper from the opposing faction. The Scorekeeper will verify your Agent name and record your starting AP by checking your scanner. This is the only information that will be recorded or viewed and the Scorekeeper must personally check your device/scanner. POSSIBLE SCANNER STATS SHARE FOR SURPRISE PRIZE

1:00 PM Level-Up Bootcamp: While we encourage agents to walk and play in the immediate area, there is no limit to where you play. Please keep in mind the following; regardless of where you choose to play and gain AP, you must return to the starting point and have your ending AP recorded by the scorekeepers by the cut-off time. If your final AP is not recorded, your score will not be counted for this event and you will not be eligible for the raffle.

2:45 PM Make sure you're getting close to the registration portal so you're back in time!

3:00 PM Final AP Cut-Off (End): Agents will return to The Government House Gardens portal to check back in with the opposing Faction Scorekeeper to record their final AP, relax, chat and wait for winner announcements and prizes. Agents must be back to the sign-in area at 3:00PM or their scores will not count. Once you are in the check in area, you will have your score recorded even if it is after 3:00 pm. Once all eligible participants have checked in, we will tally the scores and have them verified and finalized by the scorekeepers.

3:30 PM - (approx.) We will hold a prize raffle for all eligible participants. After the raffle we will announce the final scores and stat winners.

4:00 PM: We have a table reserved at Frankie’s Modern Diner, in range of restocking portal Windsor Hotel which will go active at that time, grab some food (I hear great things about the pie, it's what made us pick this spot), and hack hack hack away with your fellow agents!!!

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