#IngressFS - Uxbridge, United Kingdom - May 2019

Date/Time: 04-May-2019 12:00 //
Base Portal: Former Police Station (No.49) // Intel Link // Google Maps
Restocking Portal: Former Police Station (No.49) // Intel Link // Google Maps
Event Channel: t.me/joinchat/GUNrkBOYfeLnC77rCuJ29A


Stat Total Enl // Res
Lvl 2
AP 9,772,941
Agents 74
AP/Agent 132,067
Bonus 323
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Event Description

For the first time, we're bringing First Saturday to Uxbridge! Featuring all your favourite things: AP! Contests! Prizes! A banner! And of course, shouting!

We'll be registering in the Fig Tree pub, inside or out depending on the weather. We might be over their capacity - if so, we'll spill over into The Metropolitan across the road.

As per default, there'll be two parts to the event: the palava related to the event, and the palava related to the stat contest.

12:00: Both kinds of registration go live! Rules for FS have changed, meaning the registation portal goes live an hour before double AP begins. So come to the pub, register with Andy or Fox for the stats contest, and hack the registration portal to be eligable for the badge. Then when you're done, get a pint in.

12:50: We'll relocate outside to take the picture. Exactly where will be determined when the attendance numbers are more certain, but as of time of writing, we'll aim for St Margarets Church. If there are any announcements to make, we'll make them at this point.

12:57: Having finished the photo at this point, we'll be standing around awkwardly waiting for kickoff, trying to stay out of traffic.

13:00: Kickoff! Players can start smashing, fielding, and completing missions as desired. You'll have. two hours to harvest AP and complete the stat challenges.

15:00: TIME! Double AP ends, the registration portal deactivates, and everyone returns to the Fig Tree so. Andy and Fox can tally up the stats.

15:15: Once Andy and Fox have ascertained the winners, they'll announce who's won, and hand out prizes.

15:30: Restock portal goes live. The first hack on it after this time will provide a few goodies.

15:31: Festivities and wrapping up.

There probably will be a passcode for some kit, but NIA will send the same passcode to every site, and some pillock will have it on a passcode TG group before we even get out of bed. So either we'll drop it into TG as soon as we decode it, or it won' be there.

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