#IngressFS - Warrington, United Kingdom - May 2019

Date/Time: 04-May-2019 11:00 //
Base Portal: The Barley Mow // Intel Link // Google Maps
Restocking Portal: Alice in Wonderland Table // Intel Link // Google Maps
Event Channel: www.facebook.com/events/359491921332500/


Stat Total Enl // Res
Lvl 2
AP 3,117,644
Agents 26
AP/Agent 119,909
Bonus 111
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Event Description

Head over to Warrington, Cheshire for First Saturday on Star Wars day!

This is the first IFS in Warrington for over 3 years and we hope you can join us!

There will be an opportunity for breakfast at the Barley Mow from 10:00. Registration will open at 11:00 and this is also when the registration portal, The Barley Mow, goes live. We will begin play at 12:00.

We will meet again upstairs in Caffè Nero across the square at 14:00, where the restocking portal can be comfortably reached, for results and prizes*! Restocking portals now go live 30 minutes after play ends, so you don't have to wait so long to get hacking!

Both the bus and train station are a few minutes walk away from the pub. There is parking available in Golden Square car park but there are cheaper alternatives a short walk away: http://bit.ly/fswarringtonparking2019may

Questions? Ask them here: http://bit.ly/fswarringtontg

Facebook event page: http://bit.ly/fswarringtonfb2019may

10:00 - Breakfast at The Barley Mow
11:00 - Registration begins (and it now counts to hack the registration portal)
11:45 - Photo! Say "midi-chlorians!" Second thoughts, don't.
12:00 - Play. Or play not. There is no "try".
14:00 - AP! Unlimited AP! Come to Caffè Nero so we can give out prizes.
14:30 - Restocking portal, Alice in Wonderland Table, goes live.

*Some prizes may be Star Wars themed.

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