#IngressFS - Grande Prairie, Canada - July 2019

Meeting Point Portal: Bee Utility Box // Intel Link // Google Maps
Restocking Portal: Bee Utility Box // Intel Link // Google Maps
Date/Time: 06-Jul-2019 12:00 pm

Event Description

Greeting agents, and welcome to Grande Prairies July IngressFS event! We are excited to have you all back, and to see some new faces! We will be touring the downtown area, with the aid of a few missions of course! Itinerary to follow.

>12:00 Registration portal will be active at the Bee Utility Box next to Wonderland. Be sure to hack this portal FIRST before you do anything else!
>12:45 A group photo will be taken for official purposes that WILL be posted to social media for authentication of attendees. This is NOT optional.
>13:00 Hack a portal and begin the event! Double AP is calculated from your first hack AFTER 13:00 to you last hack BEFORE 15:00, so plan accordingly! Remember to be eligible for the 2x AP and medal you must acquire 5,000 AP at a minimum.
>15:00 Double AP ends, everyone should meet back at the Restocking Portal for post Event socializing.
>15:30 Restocking Portal at the Bee Utility Box is active, be sure to hack it for a surplus of leveled items!
>16:30 Restocking Portal is deactivated, officially ending the events.

We plan on creating some missions to go along with this event as well, and will update everyone on their status.

A reminder that for AP bonuses and Medals to be rewarded, a minimum of ten (10) agents must hack the portal and acquire 5,000 AP, with a minimum of three (3) Agents from each the Resistance and the Enlightened. This is a cross faction event, and newcomers are welcome and encouraged!

*All event details have been provided by the faction leaders listed below. Fev Games takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the details
Please make sure you've read all the requirements for the FS badge and Bonus AP before the event as they may have changed.

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