#IngressFS - Boston, MA, United States - July 2019

Date/Time: 06-Jul-2019 17:00 //
Base Portal: self evident // Intel Link // Google Maps
Restocking Portal: unearthing history // Intel Link // Google Maps
Event Channel: t.me/joinchat/FU6rDg8FUTotLJZhdKqbNA


Stat Total Enl // Res
Lvl 1
AP 2,431,556
Agents 23
AP/Agent 105,720
Bonus 79
Group Photo // July 2019 All Cities Scores // Boston, MA, United States All Time Scores
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Event Description

Boston's July Ingress First Saturday event will be happening the evening of July 6th, 2019!

You have celebrated the birthday of the United States with BBQs and maybe a beach-combing. Let's keep the celebration going by making some virtual fireworks of our own with XMPs, resonators, and portal keys. I am talking about starbursts. How big and impressive of a display can we make?

When done, we will gather for a bit of ice cream in fish-shaped cones and sit back and appreciate our hard work.

Official timeline of events are as follows:

* 5:00 PM (21:00 UTC) Check-in starts and Registration Portal goes live (ornament visible)
* 6:00 PM (22:00 UTC) 2-hour active period begins
* 8:00 PM (00:00 UTC) 2-hour active period ends
* 8:00 PM (00:00 UTC) Registration Portal turns off
* 8:30 PM (00:30 UTC) Social Restocking Portal goes live
* 9:30 PM (01:30 UTC) Social Restocking Portal turns off

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Enl Leader Res Leader
roselessthorn Zarabadoo