#IngressFS - Ellicott City, MD, United States - August 2019

Meeting Point Portal: Welcome to Ellicott City // Intel Link // Google Maps
Restocking Portal: The Phoenix Emporium Plaque // Intel Link // Google Maps
Date/Time: 03-Aug-2019 09:00 am

Event Description

We would like to welcome you to Old Ellicott City. This is one of the most portal dense areas in Howard County, set in a charming watery historic town. For those that enjoy banners, there are 2 x 18 mission banners plus a 6-mission IFS banner. The whole town is a big hill, but has sidewalks throughout town and flows well. There are several parking lots and street parking, all of which are free.
9:30 am Registration Opens at Old Mill Cafe (4 Frederick Road, Ellicott City)
9:50 am Group Picture
10am - noon Double AP Event
12:30 pm Winners Announced & Restock Portal at Phoenix Emporium (8409 Main Street, Ellicott City)

In case of another thousand year flood, your car may be downstream ...

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Please make sure you've read all the requirements for the FS badge and Bonus AP before the event as they may have changed.

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