#IngressFS - Port Coquitlam, Canada - September 2019

Meeting Point Portal: Leigh Square // Intel Link // Google Maps
Restocking Portal: Cenotaph Wrap // Intel Link // Google Maps
Date/Time: 07-Sep-2019 10:30 am

Event Description

Join us in the historic centre of Port Coquitlam for some fresh air fun, cross faction comradery, and for many agents - uniques. We will meet at Leigh Square near Shaughnessy St and McAllister Ave (2253 Leigh Squre Place) and finish at Samz Neighbourhood Pub very close by at 2342 Elgin St (sorry 19+ only). There are a number of options for a short bus ride from Coquitlam Central Station Skytrain. There is plenty of free parking both near the starting portal and the restock portal. There will be an optional “fun” activity that may enhance your visit to the area and may earn you a prize! If you are observant you may even be able to spot spawning salmon in the Coquitlam River.

The format is:
10:30 AM - Registration Portal goes live (you MUST hack this portal in order to get your double AP) Check in with your stats.
11:15 AM - Group photo + instructions for the bonus activity.
11:30 AM - Start of the double AP window (starts from your first hack)
1:30 PM - End of the double AP window (ends with your last hack)
1:30 PM - Turn in bonus activity score sheet. Check out with your stats
2:00 PM - Restock portal goes live (Cenotaph Wrap - across the street from Samz)
Note: in order to qualify for the both the IFS badge in your scanner and double AP you must earn a minimum of 5,000 AP in addition to hacking the registration portal.

September IFS banner is available, starts at the meetup location: https://ingressmosaic.com/mosaic/48286

*All event details have been provided by the faction leaders listed below. Fev Games takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the details
Please make sure you've read all the requirements for the FS badge and Bonus AP before the event as they may have changed.

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