#IngressFS - Salem, MA, United States - September 2019

Meeting Point Portal: Bewitched Statue // Intel Link // Google Maps
Restocking Portal: Maria's Sweet Cone // Intel Link // Google Maps
Date/Time: 07-Sep-2019 01:00 pm

Event Description

Fall is approaching and the weather is starting to cool. It is that one last chance to get up to Salem, MA before the Halloween crowds encroach on the city. Join us for another Ingress First Saturday: Evening Edition during the calm before the storm.

We will meet and start check-in at 1pm near the iconic Bewitched statue. If there happens to be a bit of rain, you can find us in the Gulu-Gulu Cafe right behind it. We encourage you to arrive early and get some social time in with your fellow agents while drinking a caffeinated beverage. Shortly before 2pm, we will get a group photo to document the occasion (and make the event official).

Starting at 2pm, agents will then be set loose on the streets of Witch City to do what agents do for 2 hours. At 4pm, we will all gather for ice cream at Maria's Sweet Somethings for a treat and check-out. We will then tally the numbers and see who has been the most (and least) productive.

At 4:30pm, the restock portal will be activated and provide a wealth of gear in a single hack.

If you wish to join us, the commuter rail station is a short 10 minute walk away (and there should be $10 weekend rates for those of you coming from Boston). If you plan to drive, we recommend using the Museum Place Garage (https://goo.gl/maps/hVfom7gS3hEk2WD4A). That will cost about $5 for the day.

We look forward to seeing our fellow agents this coming September!

tl;dr: September Ingress First Saturday in Salem, MA. Check-in starts at 1pm. Play starts at 2pm. Check-out starts at 4pm. Restock portal starts at 4:30pm.

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Please make sure you've read all the requirements for the FS badge and Bonus AP before the event as they may have changed.

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