#IngressFS - Portland, OR, United States - November 2019

Date/Time: 02-Nov-2019 11:00 //
Base Portal: Mt. Hood Brewing Company Red Caboose // Intel Link // Google Maps
Restocking Portal: Mt. Hood Brewing Company Red Caboose // Intel Link // Google Maps


Stat Total Enl // Res
Lvl 7
AP 6,342,605
Agents 32
AP/Agent 198,206
Bonus 111
Group Photo // November 2019 All Cities Scores // Portland, OR, United States All Time Scores
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Event Description

Ingress First Saturday: OMSI

When: Saturday November 2 at 11 AM.
Where: Area around OMSI, Portland, Oregon. Mt. Hood Brewing Co. Tilikum Station is at 401 SE Caruthers St.
Why: Come break the ice—playing against each other is fun, especially lots of people! Meet your fellow agents and interact in and out of the scanner. Also it’s an easy way to get lots of AP in a short time—which will be doubled by Niantic afterward—and progresses the tiered First Saturday badge as well.
Who: All agents, regardless of age and level!
How: As always public transit or biking/walking are preferred; carpooling is encouraged as well. Be sure to have a safe ride home lined up afterwards, if celebratory libations are consumed!
What: Ingress First Saturday free-for-all melee with both factions.

→ Beforehand: ideally, gather many L1 resonators and L8 bursters.
→ 11 AM‒noon: Check in at Mt. Hood Brewing Co. Tilikum Station.
→ noon‒2 PM: DESTROY, DEPLOY & FIELD. Hack the registration portal at least once between 11 and 2, and check to make sure you get FS media.
→ (ALSO: make sure to hack SOMETHING just after 12, and hack SOMETHING just before 2. Only AP scored between those two hacks will be doubled, and must be at least 5000 AP to get the badge.)
→ 2 PM: Check out at Mt. Hood Brewing.
→ 2 PM‒4 PM: Afterparty at Mt. Hood Brewing. Results around 2:30, restocking Portal 2:30‒3:30.

Note: Once you have checked in, please play fair and turn off your scanner until the beginning of the measurement cycle! Likewise, when the measurement is over, please turn off your scanner until you have checked out! If you are going to be late to the event please take a screenshot of your stats as close to noon as you can. We will use that as your starting amount.

It is always a good idea to screenshot your starting AP while waiting in line to check in. That way if there are any typos or if we need to double check your numbers we have an estimate of where you started.

We will probably have a purely optional six-mission banner, as usual.

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KmdrT0a5t Girlriver9