#IngressFS - Hoboken, NJ, United States - February 2020

Date/Time: 01-Feb-2020 01:00 pm
Registration Portal: Civil War Statue // Intel Link // Google Maps
Restocking Portal: Black Bear Bar and Grill
Event Channel: t.me/NJ_IngressFS_XFac


Stat Total Enl // Res
Lvl 2
AP 2,237,423
Agents 21
AP/Agent 106,544
Bonus 96
Event Score Sheet // Group Photo
February 2020 All Cities Scores // Hoboken, NJ, United States All Time Scores
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Event Description

On February 1st, 2020 join us for the third New Jersey Ingress First Saturday! We will continue our year by meeting in the Historic and Legendary city of Hoboken N.J. also the birthplace of baseball and Frank Sinatra! Our meetup location for Registration will be held at Steven's Park where there is metered street parking, some metered parking lots, and just a few blocks away from the Hoboken Train Station. All in all its Hoboken and parking is tough. But before you show up you must RSVP in order to be eligible for the badge and AP,

NJ:IngressFS event schedule is as follows:
~1:00pm - Meet us at the Registration Portal to check in with the opposite faction POC by showing you Agent Scanner in person.
When the Registration Portal goes live an ornament will be visible around the base of the portal. [TRY NOT TO BURN OUT THE PORTAL WHILE YOU WAIT, if you’ve hacked it four times before the ornament you will need to try your best to install a multi-hack with everything that’s going on.]
~1:45pm - Group photo. You will be given the IFS passcode if you are in the picture. [Please show up for the photo because ten agents are needed by NIA in order for us to be eligible for the FS badge and AP.]
~2:00pm - Two hour event period starts. [Double AP begins: destroy, deploy, link, field, and most of all have fun and respectful of others playing]
~4:00pm - Two hour event period ends and registration portal is shut off, please make your way to the restock portal. You will need to share your agent stats again and see a POC for confirmation of your stats.
~4:30pm Social Restock Portal goes live. Meet us here to check out and any prizes will be handed out to the winners with most AP gain, most KM walked (trekker), and anyone who leveled up during the event and also one secret stat. The restock portal will turn off at 5:30pm sharp.
The restock portal hack is a set amount of items no matter level of the portal. Please if an opposing faction has a lvl 8 with a fracker please don't kill portal but allow fracker to burn off.

~4:30 Social Afterparty
Black Bear Bar & Grill
205 Washington Street, Hoboken, N.J. 07030
(201) 656-5511

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