#IngressFS - Brisbane, Australia - June 2020

Date/Time: 06-Jun-2020 13:00 //
Base Portal: Gold Coast University Hospital // Intel Link // Google Maps
Event Channel: t.me/joinchat/LdJu6RkTuP3pkLzbZ8_3Pw


Stat Total Enl // Res
Lvl 0
AP 865,213
Agents 48
AP/Agent 18,025
Bonus 14,704,696
Group Photo // June 2020 All Cities Scores // Brisbane, Australia All Time Scores
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Event Description

Welcome to SEQ’s second virtual IFS. In respect and admiration for our first responders, our pseudo registration portal will be Gold Coast University Hospital.

The following requirements we’ve incorporated (and slightly tweaked) from the May event will still be as follows.

1. Joining the Zoom group (for verification purposes only). You can choose to stay and play the additional games and quizzes that are being organised if you wish, other wise once your presence has noted you can jump out.

This will be the minimum requirement as it’ll be treated like the check in portal, making sure everyone is there.

A collage will be done again so if you can send a picture ahead of time and we can add it to the collage.

The photo can be either of yourself with any swag or Ingress related items, drawings
and messages do seem to be easier for anyone without, or a photo of your in game profile.
This will allow us to make the required collage.

The Zoom group will begin an hour before the require portal recharging begins.
This will ensure we have all those participating accounted for and the link to our telegram can be removed to ensure no randoms come to steal our passcode!
With how easy overseas agents can scour the fevgames page, looking at all cities info such as this, we’re trying harder to weed out randoms.

2. Join the event Telegram channel to keep up to date;


3. There will also be quizzes and other games which you are welcome to participate in within the Zoom conference, but it is not a requirement to earn your badge.

Also, as restrictions in SEQ have been slightly relaxed, you may find some virtual IFS missions popping up around you… stay tuned!

After the day check out the group photo on our Instagram account - seqfirstsaturday

To participate (and get the badge) you will need to:

1. Register here to indicate your interest in participating.
2. Turn up to the Zoom meeting
3. Participate in the Portal Recharging Challenge.
4. Send us a selfie (optional - but we need atleast 10!!)

Key Notes (unless changes announced by fevgames/NIA):
- There is no Registration Portal to hack to be eligible for the medal
- The minimum 5000 AP gain is not required, as double AP will not be rewarded.
- There will be no Restock Portal for additional gear.

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