#IngressFS - Liverpool, United Kingdom - October 2021

Date/Time: 02-Oct-2021 14:00 UTC +1 //
Base Portal: Baltic Green Urban Park // Intel Link // Google Maps
Event Channel: t.me/IfsNWENW


Stat Total Enl // Res
Lvl 1
AP 5,451,351
Agents 53
AP/Agent 102,856
Bonus 37,467,255
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Event Description

What's that? Liverpool again?

Yes, but this month we're taking you to another side of Liverpool....

Welcome to the Baltic Triangle! Home to many independent businesses, yet just a short walk from the main city centre, and the portals of the famous Albert Dock.

Please join us for another "Hybrid" First Saturday!
For those wishing to play from home, join our Zoom call and socialise as well as helping to solve the passcode puzzle.
Our hosts for in person play are Hobo Kiosk - a lovely small pub serving real ales, gins etc. They have asked for numbers to expect so please ensure that you inform us through our Telegram group https://t.me/IfsNWENW if you plan to attend in person! (Due to the building they are in, you will need to be able to manage some stairs.) Masks are required on entry and when not seated.

Minimum individual requirements:
- submit start and end stats to our Telegram bot (there needs to be a difference!)
- submit a selfie which is clearly a person, with Ingress related items/scanner/handmade IFS poster visible to our Telegram bot (we can help with this for in person attendees!)


2pm - social, grab a bevvie or two and say hello on Zoom or in person!
2.30-4.30pm - play time! Recharge, or go out and play. Possibly a quiz also?
4.30-5pm - socialising and awards (and another bevvie or two!). We heard your feedback that awards were missed last month, so expect the return of the wooden spoons and certificates!

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