#IngressFS - Deinze, Belgium - April 2022

Date/Time: 02-Apr-2022 06:00 pm UTC +2 //
Base Portal: Deinze Kerk // Intel Link // Google Maps
Event Channel: t.me/IFSDeinze


Stat Total Enl // Res
Lvl 2
AP 5,537,236
Agents 90
AP/Agent 61,525
Bonus 31,396,371
Group Photo // April 2022 All Cities Scores // Deinze, Belgium All Time Scores
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Event Description

Hello everyone! Here we are again!
For this month we´ve chosen Deinze for the First Saturday @Home April
so :
1. Upload your starting stats.
2. A selfie (recommended but not required) or an ingress related self-made photo with your agent name on it. Bonus points if you can process something Spring related in the photo.
3. Your final stats. Note that your finishing stats must be different from your starting stats! We recommend achieving at least 5000 ap. You can achieve this through recharge, among other things. The bot will close immediately when the IFS ends. If the final stats are not submitted in time or are not different from the starting stats, your entry will be considered invalid.
If someone can´t play during the time of the IFS we recommend participating in another IFS. Cheating with the time stamp or the numbers in the bot will result that we will not send your scoresheet to fevgames! If you think someone cheated contact @nomADAndrea or @DragonfIice as quick as possible with evidence of cheating.
A photo is also required to participate. (We do not determine these rules, they are imposed on us by Fevgames)
You can always reach us, but keep in mind that we are only with a few people and that we cannot always respond immediately.
The orga speaks Dutch (@DragonfIice), French (@nomADAndrea) and English (both).
It's XFact so don't share team secrets and be respectful of the other team.
thank you for participating in our IFS.

@nomADAndrea 💙 & @DragonfIice💚

✔️ Saturday 02/04/2022 from 18h to 20h
✔️ Info Channel: t.me/IFSDeinze
✔️ Social Chat: t.me/IFSDeinzeSocial
✔️ Decoding Group: SOON
✔️ Stats ( AP - XM) and a picture will need to be sent to a bot - the bot details will be shared on the day of the event itself.
🔘Photo Requirements:
To be eligible for the medal, you will need to submit a photo following these requirements:
✔️ Do not reuse an old photo
✔️ Show an Ingress-related item (Glyph, game profile, Smurf, frog, Ingress swag, ...)
✔️ Selfie is _not_ mandatory
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask in the Social Chat!

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Enl Leader Res Leader
@DragonfIice nomadAndrea