#IngressFS - Heraklion, Greece - June 2022

Date/Time: 04-Jun-2022 06:00 pm
Registration Portal: Dominikos Theotokopoulos // Intel Link // Google Maps
Restocking Portal: Portals will not be activated for this month's FS. #StayHome
Event Channel: t.me/Heraklionfs

Event Description

We need to follow some rules in order that our event is successful.
1. Group photo ➡️ We will make collage from our photos which should have an Agent(s) holding or displaying an item related to Ingress. See sample of photo that fits the criteria: https://pin.it/13vCSZt
2. Please send your photo to @tott1lus via Telegram within two hours after the event ends.
3. Stats measurement ➡️ Every agent in order to get her/his FS badge needs to submit her/his stats before and after the event starts. We will send you a form (sample here: https://pin.it/6gbspbC ) and you need to submit your stats into Start Stats and End Stats fields (sample here: https://pin.it/PoeUepY ). Pay attention that you need to be in "All Time" section when you copy your stats.
4. IFS Decode Challenge ➡️ We need as a group to find our passcode. It will require a lot of people with local portal knowledge to do that. We will explain more in our Telegram channel on the day of the event.
5. Portal Recharging Challenge ➡️ For this challenge event organizers will monitor XM recharged through their agent stats submitted to the Auto Score Sheet. Our city needs to recharge at least 50k XM.
6. If you have any questions regarding the event feel free to contact our TL's.
💚💙 Stay safe agents. 💚💙

Auto Score Sheet Data


# Agent NameLevel GainAP GainXM Recharged

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