#IngressFS - Champaign, IL, United States - June 2022

Date/Time: 04-Jun-2022 01:00 pm
Registration Portal: Champaign City Building // Intel Link // Google Maps
Restocking Portal: Portals will not be activated for this month's FS. #StayHome
Event Channel: t.me/+tfYRiiJ0RSoxMDEx

Event Description

Join us for a socially distanced spin on the Ingress First Saturday format. Stay at home and play at home with us Saturday, June 4, 1-3pm CDT. We’ll be chatting, recharging, decoding puzzles, and otherwise keeping the FS spirit alive in these trying times. Additionally, weather and local COVID conditions permitting, agents comfortable meeting outdoors in person are welcome to play with us in downtown Champaign - stay tuned in our Telegram channel for updates closer to the event

In order to receive the FS in-game badge, each agent will have to:
- Submit your game stats at the beginning and end of the event via our city’s auto-scoresheet
- Do at least one of the following: a) gain one or more AP during the event, b) contribute to the decoding challenge, c) post your selfie to the group chat, or d) otherwise participate in the group chat.
Collectively*, we will also have to:
- Recharge at least 50k XM during the event. Any portal counts, anywhere.
- Decode a puzzle, which should in some way rely on knowledge of local Champaign portals.
- Create a “virtual group photo” including at least 10 agents who must be wearing or holding something Ingress-related (think shirts, patches, your scanner, or a Sharpie-d message on a piece of paper). Basically, we’ll ask at least 10 agents to submit selfies to our group chat, and your organizers will stitch them together into a collage.
*Not every agent has to participate in every activity, but as a group, we have to make sure that they all get done.

Optional activities:
- We STRONGLY recommend that you join our Telegram channel (https://t.me/+tfYRiiJ0RSoxMDEx), if you haven’t already.
- Additional activities TBD.

Auto Score Sheet Data


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