#IngressFS - McKinney, TX, United States - August 2022

Date/Time: 06-Aug-2022 01:00 pm UTC -5 //
Base Portal: The Celt // Intel Link // Google Maps
Event Channel: t.me/joinchat/QW0SX6_2r_v6rXhl


Stat Total Enl // Res
Lvl 1
AP 1,867,642
Agents 23
AP/Agent 81,202
Bonus 5,076,716
Group Photo // August 2022 All Cities Scores // McKinney, TX, United States All Time Scores
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Event Description

Ingress FS - McKinney, Texas 2022
1PM - 3PM (US central daylight time, UTC-5) #Virtual_IFS #StayHome

Welcome to the August 2022 Virtual DFW First Saturday in McKinney, Texas. The dog days of summer are upon us and it's really, really, burning hot outside in North Texas. Depending on the health and safety guidelines and weather in your area, you may choose to stay home and recharge, go out to play in your local area during the event window, or join us in scenic downtown McKinney.

We are using IFS bot this month. Details will be available the morning of the event in the Telegram Chat. Passcode challenge promises to be much like the last one, everyone will need to help us with this and it begins an hour before the event time. Zoom info will be posted in the Telegram chat, see the link in the main description. Hope to see you all there!

In addition to your recharge and AP stats, we also require you to submit a selfie. You must present in this selfie, something Ingress related, like a Ingress themed T-shirt, a piece of ingress themed swag or even just a sign with your faction and in game name. It must be you and not something or someone else. Please, do not re-use a picture from a prior month.

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Robely Makto